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Welcome to Top New Casino, the place where you can find your all new casino that are available in 2021! This site is all about new online casinos 2021 in the United Kingdom. We are here to help you to find the best available sites and offers.

We love to play casino. The pure thrill of placing some small bets and roll the dice. Anything can happen, and it will! If you are one true lucky man or woman you can win big! There are many examples of players placing small bets and walking home with a pot of gold in cash. This is what makes it so exciting and this is why we created this website! Depending on if you are in the UK or not, you will be able to take part of different new online casinos 2021. Licenses make it hard to know exactly where and when you are ble to play, but you can always visit an online casino site and see for yourself.

What’s not to love with New Casino 2021?

That a damn good question brother! Whats not to love!? New casino sites are extra rewarding and interesting since these feature many cool things (most of the time). The bonuses are really competitive and the game selection usually excellent. Also, the design, concept theme and graphics are many times really cool and innovative. Bonus loyalty programs tend to give the players something fresh that has not been seen before. These are some of the reason we love new casinos 2021!

top new casinos 2021

Top New Online Casinos – How to find them

You might wonder how you will be able to find the very very best online casinos in the UK. Well, it’s very easy to find them. They are just a google search away and when you start your journey with a new operator you will be rewarded. How might you wonder? Well, you will get a top-notch welcome bonus, that´’s for sure! These bonuses are often deposit bonuses or no deposit casino bonuses. The latter means that you actually can get free money and spins to play with. The only thing you need to do is to register. Amazing, right?

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Outside the UK – Africa and South America follows Europe

Even though the UK and Scandinavian countries are leading when it comes to coming up with new interesting gambling brands, we are not alone. Countries in both South America and Africa are following, launching new brands every month. One of the most interesting countries is Nigeria, with its huge population. European brands even try to look into starting a Nigerian sister brand. Even different casino comparison sites starting to grow in the country and at one can easily see how more and more new Nigerian online casino is popping up.

New Casinos 2021 – More fun than the old brands

New casinos 2021 are much more fun than the older and more established brands. At least, that’s what I think. Older brands are often pretty strict and have lame designs. The only bonus loyalty program is point based. The games are pretty good though. I am not talking about ALL the old brands now. I still think there are a lot of great old casinos out there, for sure! Look at Mr Green, Leo Vegas, Casumo and a few other. These all have amazingly well-crafted gameplay and tons of games. NEWER casinos, on the other hand, is a totally different ball game many times. They need to dare and try bonus concepts (bigger bonuses) and crazy new bonus programs. The games are good and sometimes also very unique. The casino theme in itself is pretty crazy and really cool to check out as well. All in all – my pick seven days of the week is a new casino 2021 and not an old one!

Reasons for the creation of New Casinos

new online casino sites 2021Chances are that you have witnessed a trend of new casinos in the UK springing up like mushrooms after rain. While this isn’t the case in the real world – casinos spring a bit more sporadically here – it’s definitely the case in the world online. There are practically hundreds of new online casinos that spring up every month. What is the reason for this? Why are so many people investing their money in the creation of a casino? If you get the answer to this question, and you’re a gambler, then you will undoubtedly become disillusioned.

The first reasons for new online casinos 2021 and 2022

So… the chief reason why there are so many new online casinos 2021 is not that they are unprofitable and that the gamblers make all the profits… it’s the exact opposite – the casinos make big profits on average, and the gamblers lose big money on average. Where does this leave you, the average gambler? Well, if you’re smart enough then you will realise that the system is made in such a way so as to give the house an edge over you. It could be a small edge of over a few percents, but in the long run, this can make a huge difference in the payouts. So, our advice to you is to be very smart about satisfying your gambling passions. There is simply no way to beat the system in the long run. In the short run, you may have successes – you may even make a hefty sum of money. But the more you gamble, the bigger the chances of you losing everything.

Payment Providers and Casino Trends

There are many new payment providers for UK casinos popping up. The main reason for the new payment methods is that they can provide faster payouts and lower fees. In some countries, this has come much further. We expect the number of choices to increase a lot. The thing that talks against this are that there are more and more regulations.

If you want to read more about the different trends in the gambling regulations and gambling addiction fighting in the UK, check out this great article from There will be a bumpy road 2021 but for sure more great payments and casino trends will continue to make the gambling experience better.

Another reason to play latest casinos

Another important reason as to why there are so many new online casinos is the fact that they are relatively simple to create. Take the example of real-life casinos – it would take you a big investment in order to get a place where you will have your casino and buy all of the machinery and slot machines and roulette tables etc. Not to mention the fact that it will take a lot of time and effort to make all this – not just money. This is not necessarily in the case of new casinos with slots. There’s software that you can purchase with the license. Then you can create your own casino-themed website in a matter of days. And if you have the capital to back up the potential winnings of the gamblers that play at your site – then you’re all set. And these are some of the biggest reasons why there’s a big chance that you will find a new gambling site every day from now on.

The bright side of a New Casino 2021

The bright side of a new casino 2021 lies in the fact that most of them offer hefty bonus offers for new players. You can take advantage of these offers and use the casino’s “generosity” in order to win some money for free. So, as you can see, not everything is dark about the new casinos – there is also something that you can benefit from. Best of luck to you!