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When you consider the world of casino games and gambling, there are a lot of people that would say that it’s all about luck. If you win – you’re lucky. If you lose, you’re not. According to these people, the result of all gambling games is pure chance, and you have no way to make an influence on this process, except by cheating. But cheating is of course illegal, and you may not only get banned from the casino if you’re ever caught, but you may also face criminal charges, and there’s very well a chance that you may end up in prison as well.

But is this really the truth? Are all casino games based on luck, and is there no skill that you can practice in order to get better at some of the games?

Case study – slots, roulette, poker

Slots Casino Games

In the case of the slot games, we would have to agree with the notion that if you win or lose is all down to blind luck. There is simply no way in which you can influence the slot machines into improving your odds of winning – unless you know some inside info on which devices pay more frequently. So, the slot machines are purely chance games. This is not to say that they’re bad games because of this – you can still have a lot of fun while letting yourself go in the world of pure luck and chance. But don’t expect to get better at playing slots with time no matter who much you practice – there’s simply no skill involved in this game whatsoever. Read more about slot games here.

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Roulette Casino Games

The second case is the game of roulette. It’s true that the results here vary according to chance – you have 1/37 of a chance to win your bet on a single number, and nearly 50% chance to win a bet on color. But you can still use some roulette systems in order to improve your odds of winning somewhat. One such classical system is the so called Martingale strategy which utilizes a simple progression. Moreover, you may pay attention to the way the croupier throws the ball at the wheel and find a way to read out the probability of where the ball will fall eventually. This requires a lot of practice and a sharp eye, but you can still learn it. So, there is an element of luck, and of skill in roulette.

Poker Casino Games

Finally, we’ll consider the game of poker. This is the game where luck plays a very small part as compared to that of the other two games that we have mentioned. In the game of poker there are both mathematical and psychological principles that you need to take into play if you wish to get good at it. Of course, there is the element of luck as well, but you can practically negate this element if you become good enough at the psychology and math. So, the game of poker is a game of skill, and very little luck.

Where to find online casinos 2021

It won’t be hard at all to find online casinos where you can utilize bonus offers and play various games that you like to play, such as the slots, roulette, and poker. All you need to do is to go an online casinos and games guide and deposit some money on one of these websites, and you’re all set to test your luck and skill in the world of online gambling!