Casino Planet – New Casino Brand from Genesis

Genesis is one of our favourite online casino operators with quality brands such as CasinoGods, Casoola and many more. The great thing with the brands is that they are based on the same platform (making sure everything runs smoothly) but then customize the user experience to different needs.

On this page, we will go into details about their latest casino, Casino Planet. We have used information in this Casino Planet review to be able to write this page. If you haven’t checked out that review you should definitely do it. So let us get started. Here are the top 5 things that we like about Casino Planet.

casino planet

Top 5 things about Casino Planet

  1. Very easy signup process. When you visit the casino you just need to click a few times and fill in very little information in order to get started. Some casinos these days have tons of information that you need to fill in before you can get started. This is not the case with Casino Planet.
  2. The generous bonus offers to new players. As a new player, you will get both a fantastic matching bonus and a huge number of free spins. It is a great way to get started on your casino journey. It is also easy to keep track of your wagering so you know when you are able to cash out.
  3. Payment options. As we mentioned above all Genesis brands are based on the same platform. This means that they all have the same awesome integration of different payment options, game developers (both slots and live casino games such as blackjack and roulette)and more. When it comes to payment methods we really enjoy using a digital wallet like Skrill since that will make it much easier and quicker to move from casino to casino.
  4. As a regular player, you get rewarded. Many new casinos these days are just thinking about making a profit in the short run. Casino Planet and the founders have thought this through and have made a huge effort into creating a loyalty program that will benefit regular players. The bonus, free spins and other types of products and services that you can get is better than most if its competitors.
  5. Support, support and support. The more online casino that we have been playing the more we understand that great customer service is of great importance. At Casino Planet you will find live chat support that is open 24/7 making the whole experience much more fun and secure. Not only are they open 24/7 they are also among the most friendly and professional support that we have had the luck to be in contact with.

Hope that you enjoyed this top 5 list of what makes Casino Planet one of the best casino releases in 2020. DonĀ“t forget to bookmark this page to get information on all the latest casino releases. Thanks!