What is Craps?

Craps dice game is a rich and popular casino game, and today, most physical and online-casinos can offer this popular game. For many, this game can be a new and nice acquaintance. Most people most likely recognize it as the casino-game where players are gathered around a table, hold their breath while another sled away a couple of dice across the table. For those who have never played Craps; the following text will give you an small introduction to the game. In addition to this you will find info on how the game works for odds and the best casinos that offer the game.

Craps and casino

One of the games that today is the strongest associated with dice; is craps. The game is played at most land-based casinos, but with online-casinos it allows us to search online for a game of craps. On the net, many other dice games that were previously unknown have experienced increased popularity.

The games history is thought to extend as long back as the 13th or 13th century England and the thenĀ  popular game Hazard. The rules in this game reminds a lot of craps, which means that today there is a historical link. In the course of the following centuries, the game emigrated to France, where it continued to evolve and be refined. The devoted player and politician Bernhard de Mandeville brought the game to New Orleans in 1813. The game was now called Crapaud, soon shortened to Craps. The game’s rules were continually improving to rule out cheating from both the house and the players, and as it became less complicated, craps grew in popularity. Eventually spread the game around the country, managed to survive when gambling a period was illegal, eventually finding its place in casinos around the United States and the world.

Craps table

The craps table layout is a little confusing, but it’s nothing to be scared of. The various playing-fields on the table depict different forms of action, many of which are quite straightforward. Here we will later go through some of the most common main activities, and finally list some so-called “sucker bets” which generally give good dividends but have bad odds. Later in this series we go through the layout of the table to help you understand the game. Each box simply represents a certain bet. Keep in mind that you do not need to be fully aware of how the whole table works to play.

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