Online-Casino Game-Changers for 2017

In the end of 2016 the swedish gaming-site released some interviews with famous online-casino(s); they asked them what their predictions for 2017 where – and if there would be any “Game changers”? Here are some of the answers.


Casino Pop:
A continued rollout of games based of HTML5, will dominate the first half of 2017. Then, the first real prototypes of VR slots will roll out. Of course, it will not the total game changer you expect, due to the fact that the computer is required for expensive hardware, and for mobile VR, a specific mobile label is required. But judging from the prototypes, we can tell you that running slots in Virtual Reality is very entertaining! The dream is of course that Apple releases a VR solution i the future as well; which would mean that the amount of potential players would increase enough to defend the mass production of more games made for VR. Unfortunately Casino Pop don’t think 2017 will be that year. But we think that those who have a  Samsung and a Gear headset will most likely try their first Virtual Reality slot in 2017.

Miami Dice
What will be a game changer is hard to say. As Samsung commercializes VR, it may only fanzy a certain audience. But considering that kind of game, VR needs glasses that need to be worn to play, so this can prevent VR casinos from “blowing up” commercially. Gamification should be more or less old at online-casinos at this time, but the fact is it hasn’t rolled out properly with anyone. 2017 seems to be the year when the old dogs will look at the “new kids” to learn what the next step for online-casino actually is.

Freaky Vegas
Live casino has been a sleepy giant for far too long. At least it’s time for it to get its 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight. Here is where it all started, and it’s easy to predict some exciting things that may come from current vendors with thought we are expecting that the innovation process will really kick off on the live casino front and hope to see more and more things that can blow our minds. In 2017, we expect to see continued growth in live casinos, but we must Also allow us to expect a big step of innovation; even beyond the games themselves. Unfortunately, we can not let it go too much here, but we hope Freaky Vegas will play a big part in the future’s new casinos – Lucas Godwin.