Blood Eternal

Slot Review

If you’re a fan of the myth of the vampires, then there’s a slot game that you definitely ought to play. It’s created by a well-known fan-favorite company, BetSoft; so you know that it’s of very high quality. And the game itself is called Blood Eternal. This is a game full of various unique features that will make the entire experience with the game all the more enjoyable for you. So, below you will find some more information on what’s so special about this game.

Graphics and music of Blood Eternal slot

If you’re expecting to see a visually stunning masterpiece in the form of this game; then you better seek elsewhere – Microgaming’s games are a better option. Blood Eternal slot is not a game that boasts with supreme visuals; but it still packs a powerful punch. It’s designed to the theme of vampires, so everything in the game will make you feel like you’re in a dark castle in medieval Europe; and like you’re surrounded with vampires. The music too will add to this feeling – though don’t expect the music to be a masterpiece.

Rules and features

The game itself features 30 pay lines, and what separates this game from the competition, is the fact that you can make a winning combination from both ways – left to right, and right to left. Of course; only the highest winning combination will win you money on any given pay line. There’s a gamble feature, where you will let the coin toss decide whether you will go home with double or nothing. You’ll be able to select whether you want head or tails; and then the coin will spin, leaving you with the final result.blood eternal

Special Symbols in Blood Eternal

There are special symbols such as vampires and humans, and what you need to be aware in regards to them is that if they are drawn side by side on the reels; then a feature will get activated in which the vampire bites the human. Then the blood from the bite will splatter all around the reels, making the splattered symbols wild.

And of course, a wild symbol is a symbol that can replace any other symbol if you need it for a winning combination. In this way you can make a huge win. There’s also the “double bat” feature. This means that there is one symbol in the form of a bat, which can also become a double bat – doubly increasing the potential win that you can make with this symbol. The rest of the symbols come from the vampire mythology – you will see vials with different potions, crosses; and other vampire paraphernalia.

Blood Eternal – a slot game that you ought to try

Again, if you find that you’re fascinated by vampires and the entire theme surrounding them; then you will love this game no matter who you are. Besides this; this is a game that is really fun to play regardless. So, we recommend you that you spare the time to try it out and see whether you like it for yourself.