Boom Brothers

Slot Review

Have you ever been fascinated by the gold-seeking expeditions of people that set their way deep into the depths of the mountains? Well, if this is the case – and if you like to play slot games – then you will love the game called Boom Brothers. Boom Brothers slot is a game created by NetEnt; which you may know as some of the most popular, most beloved slot game designers in the world. Their masterful touch graces this game, so you know that you will be playing something that’s of high quality.

boom brothers free spinsOverall feel and graphics of the game

The story goes as following: three brothers set forth on a mission to dig up some gold. So far so good – they get to their destination, the mountain, and they set explosives in order to blow things up. After all, this is the old-fashioned way of blowing things up in order to get the gold. You will see all of this in the short introductory feature that you have when you’re starting this game – there’s a short video introducing the three brothers and how they begin their quest for gold. And then the setting of the game, predictably, is into the mountains.

No Music

You will see the depths of the mountain and this is where you will play. If you wish to hear beautiful music while playing your slot games, then this game is not for you – you will have better luck looking for beautiful music elsewhere. There is no music here, except for the occasional sound that you will hear in the background, and the sound of the waterdrops falling to the ground which echoes in the background.

Structure of the game

As slot games go – so does this one too. You will find out that there is nothing revolutionary in this game, something that sets it apart from all other slot games. You will still have to put in the appropriate bets that you deem worthy, and then press the spin button. The symbols will start shifting until you’re left with a new combination of symbols, which may be winning or not. But there are certain unique features. One such feature is the bonus game that you will activate if you hit 5 railtrack symbols on the reels at any given spin. The bonus game will give you the opportunity to pick from three mining carts. Depending on the cart that you pick, you will help one of the three brothers go towards the goal of getting gold. And in the end, you will get a reward. There’s also the classical wild symbol which takes the place of all other symbols, except the bonus symbols. And there’s the free spin symbols which will give you free spins. During these free spins, you will get a 3x multiplier bonus.

boom brothers bonus

Summary of Boom Brothers slot

Boom Brothers is an interesting game that has some neat features that set it apart from the competition. And the overall feel of being into the depths of a mountain, on a quest for finding treasure, is irreplaceable. We suggest that you try this game out.