Football Champions Cup

Slot Review

Football Champions Cup is one of the latest games designed by NetEnt, which is, as you may have heard, one of the biggest companies that deals with the creation of online gambling games. If you have ever played online slot games at various casinos, then chances are that you have come in contact with a game made by NetEnt. Their games feature consistent markers of high quality, so if you play one of their games, be prepared to be entertained. So, what’s Football Champions Cup all about? Is it worth it to play this game? Read on and find out.

Football Champions Cup

Story of Football Champions Cup online slot game

There is no story behind this game. We know that it’s a trend lately for game developers to develop games where there is a story arch. Perhaps there’s a person on the quest for gold, or some miners that blow up explosive in order to get treasures. Well, this game is simple in the sense that it’s a sports slot game. If you like competition, and if you like football in particular – you will like this game.

Great symbols that works swell

At the beginning of the game you will be able to select a flag representing your country. Don’t put too much thought into this – it has no real effect on the game itself later on. And then you will enter the game. The background is, of course, a football stadium, with the green pitch and the place where the crowd sits and watches the game. The symbols are all football related; and so are the background sounds. You won’t be able to hear background music within this game – as there isn’t any. All you will hear are the football fans murmuring in the background, and cheering loudly every time you make a win. It’s a great way to set the atmosphere right, and make you feel like you’re there on the pitch.

Structure of the game

Football Champions Cup slot game is a no-nonsense slot game where you can win a lot of money, provided that you’re lucky. It features a really high RTP percentage, and you will bet on 20 pay lines – their number is fixed. You will be able to see the pay table for more information on what the symbols’ values are. For example, the lowest value symbols are the kings, queens and jacks.

Football Champions CupSpecial symbols

The higher value symbols are the football equipment emblems – such as the gloves of the goalkeeper, the whistle of the referee, or the shoes that football players use on the pitch. Finally, there are special symbols such as the wild symbol, which replaces any other symbol of the game except special symbols; the scatter symbol, which can give you free spins; and the bonus symbol, which will enable you to play a bonus game in the form of a penalty shootout against a computer opponent.

Summary of Football Champions Cup game

This is a football slot game that’s rife with special features, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on it – especially if you’re a football fan. It’s guaranteed to keep you glued to it for hours on end. Have fun!