Romanov Riches

Microgaming is a premier name in the field of online gambling for new casinos. This company has created many different games to date. And many of them are outright great to play. Of their newest games goes by the name of Romanov Riches. In this review, you will get to learn more about various elements that make this game enjoyable. To that end, we hope you will read and enjoy the rest of this review below.

Romanov Riches slot by Microgaming

There aren’t any characters in this game. What we can deduce from the name of the game is that it’s about the Romanov dynasty of Russia. To that end, we really have to commend Microgaming for how stylish they have made this game. You will see that the most oft-used colour is purple. This adds to the game’s style and elegance. The animations are sleek and smooth. There aren’t any advanced visuals such as cutscenes. And we believe that many people will like this state of affairs. The simplicity is something that many people look out for in a slot. And we really like the chill-out music in the background.


microgaming romanov riches slot casinoRomanov Riches has a very simple gameplay. It’s even deceptively simple when you start playing it. You may think that this game has nothing to offer more than the regular slot rules. And to that end, you can select your bet size and start saying. The lowest best you can use in this game is 0.20 coins. The highest bet, on the other side, is 100 coins. You can use the autoplay option to make the game play itself out while you enjoy yourself.

Now, there are a few special features. The first one is called mystery stacks. Every once in a while, there will be a mystery spin. The leftmost reels will be stacked with identical symbols. You can make winning combinations in this way. Moreover, if you make a win with a matching symbol stack – you get a respin.

Finally, you can trigger the bonus feature if you have full stacks of the bonus symbol.

Conclusion by

So, Romanov Riches can be deceptively simple – as we have determined. But there is a handful of special features that can keep things fun. If you want simple, stylish slot games – then you can do a lot worse than Romanov Riches. We hope that you will try playing this game and that you will like it.