Slot Review

Starburst is another game in the line of slot games coming from the well-established slot game creator NetEnt. This is a game that has become really popular recently; and more and more people among the gambling population are beginning to play it. At the core it’s a really fun game, and this is the main reason why this slot game (or why any slot game); is so popular. So; below you will find some basic information on this slot game which will help you figure out whether you’re willing to play. In either way; you can check the free demo version of the game if you’re curious.

starburstGraphics at Starburst slot

The graphics are on par with what you would usually expect from NetEnt. The theme of this game is space (hence the name STARBURST), and the symbols range from diamonds, to the “Bar” symbol, and the “7” symbol. Naturally, all of the symbols have their respective values, meaning that one symbol is of greater value than another. The sounds and music are also along the line of the space theme, and you will get a neat effect of a start bursting when you hit a winning combination.

Bonuses at Starburst slot

The bonus in this game comes in the form of a wild symbol, which is – expectedly – in the form of a star. The wild symbol, as in any other slot game, serves to replace any other symbol in the game. This means that if you find that you need one symbol to make a winning combination, then a wild symbol can take the place of that symbol and make the winning combination for you. The wild symbols come often enough for you to not lose hope and get bored while playing the game. You will come in contact with these symbols pretty often.

Starburst free spins

There are free spins at the Starburst slot game, if you can make the right combination of wild symbols. In such a case, you will be able to get anywhere up to 3 respins which come for absolutely free. Again; the game will enable you to see this option after a short while because of the fact that the RTP is on average 96.1%. These are incredibly big chances for any gambler;  you may find out that you’re the lucky one – you may even find that you have gotten rich from this game.

starburst slot

Starburst summary

All in all, Starburst is a game that we’d definitely recommend to any gambler that has proclivities for the slot games. It’s designed by world-class designer of slot games NetEnt, so you know that the game itself is of high quality. NetEnt practically have no misses when it comes to the creation of slot games – and Starburst is no exception to this rule. In the end, you will lose nothing if you try this game out for yourself. If you find that you’re fascinated with the space theme – you will definitely fall in love with this game.