Regent Casino Review

Now here’s a new online casino with class. You can see it right off the start, right after you access the website. There won’t be any flashy messages to dazzle your attention. There won’t be ugly fonts and images. It’s pure class on a black background. Aside from that, there are a few things that you will definitely need to look forward to. And you can read more about them below.

regent casino

Bonuses and promotions

And of course, what we mean by the last section of the previous paragraph – is the bonuses. There is a royal regent bonus – or so it’s named. And you can get up to $500 for your troubles of gambling on this casino for the first time. You can get this money over three different deposits. They will give you different sums of money and different percentage matches. And by combining the bonuses from the first three deposits – you will reach the $500 level.

By playing at Regent Casino, you will be able to collect loyalty points. This is not a thing to neglect. Different games will bring you different sums of bonus points – and at different rates. What you need to be aware is that, over the long run, these points will accumulate. And this means that you will be able to start using them for various other bonuses and prizes. Cash prizes aren’t excluded, either.

Games at Regent

There are the fan-favorite modern video slots. They are made with the latest HTML5 technology and they are available to play on many different platforms. This will give the player options in terms of which platform to use for this casino. Other than that, you should also know that there are many games to choose from. The video slots category is practically full of games from many developers. Why not try some slots from Thunderkick, who recently launched the new Pink Elephants 2 which is one of the most interesting games this year.

But also, there are many different versions of the classic casino games of roulette and blackjack. The true roulette and blackjack fans will find out their gambling haven on this website. And for the niche categories – there are the scratchcard games. These games aren’t some of the most popular – but they still have their loyal following. So, long story short, there are many different games to play here. No matter who you are or what your gambling tastes are – you will enjoy yourself here.

In conclusion

Now, what remains to do is to check the casino. We can talk all day about it, but unless you try it out for yourself, you won’t know what we’re talking about. So, be sure to check it out.

Casino Planet – New Casino Brand from Genesis

Genesis is one of our favourite online casino operators with quality brands such as CasinoGods, Casoola and many more. The great thing with the brands is that they are based on the same platform (making sure everything runs smoothly) but then customize the user experience to different needs.

On this page, we will go into details about their latest casino, Casino Planet. We have used information in this Casino Planet review to be able to write this page. If you haven’t checked out that review you should definitely do it. So let us get started. Here are the top 5 things that we like about Casino Planet.

casino planet

Top 5 things about Casino Planet

  1. Very easy signup process. When you visit the casino you just need to click a few times and fill in very little information in order to get started. Some casinos these days have tons of information that you need to fill in before you can get started. This is not the case with Casino Planet.
  2. The generous bonus offers to new players. As a new player, you will get both a fantastic matching bonus and a huge number of free spins. It is a great way to get started on your casino journey. It is also easy to keep track of your wagering so you know when you are able to cash out.
  3. Payment options. As we mentioned above all Genesis brands are based on the same platform. This means that they all have the same awesome integration of different payment options, game developers (both slots and live casino games such as blackjack and roulette)and more. When it comes to payment methods we really enjoy using a digital wallet like Skrill since that will make it much easier and quicker to move from casino to casino.
  4. As a regular player, you get rewarded. Many new casinos these days are just thinking about making a profit in the short run. Casino Planet and the founders have thought this through and have made a huge effort into creating a loyalty program that will benefit regular players. The bonus, free spins and other types of products and services that you can get is better than most if its competitors.
  5. Support, support and support. The more online casino that we have been playing the more we understand that great customer service is of great importance. At Casino Planet you will find live chat support that is open 24/7 making the whole experience much more fun and secure. Not only are they open 24/7 they are also among the most friendly and professional support that we have had the luck to be in contact with.

Hope that you enjoyed this top 5 list of what makes Casino Planet one of the best casino releases in 2020. Don´t forget to bookmark this page to get information on all the latest casino releases. Thanks!

Ranking Criteria to Evaluate a New Casino

When we write about a new casino we need to be careful that it is a good one. We are using several ranking criteria to evaluate a new casino. On this page, we will go through some of the most important criteria for judging if a new casino lives up to our high standards and expectations.

Whether they’re Legit

That’s the first thing you should look out for because things could get really bad. While you stand the chance of losing your hard-earned cash, your identity and personal information could be compromised. Further, look out for licensing statements, reviews and if the company has gone through scandals, especially one that has to do with payouts. You wouldn’t want a situation where your winnings don’t reach your bank account. We are spending hours every week in judging new casinos so how recommendations are a great start when evaluating a new casino.

That Welcome Bonus

Many gamers won’t admit it, but bonuses, especially those for new players are sweet to get. In fact, it’s an industry standard now to have the most online casinos give out very generous bonuses to attract players. Furthermore, the rates are competitive, so no doubt new casinos will be competing between themselves to please you and of course, to have you play with them. What this sometimes leads to is that you won’t need to make deposits before getting a crack at winning cash. Again, make sure they fully understand the bonus terms and conditions. For example. what are the wagering requirements?

ranking criteria when evaluation a new casino

User-friendly and Optimized Platform

If the new online casino does not have a quality platform to optimize your gaming experiences, stay away. While new casinos are expected to set a standard, some of them still have are using old platform that does not work so great with mobile devices and other responsive platforms. Furthermore, if they have an app, it should have convenient features and of course, all the games you would love to play. Again, everything should be functional, fast, easy to navigate and engaging. If the website allows you store games to help your learning at leisure times, that’s an added advantage,

These are some of the ranking criteria we use when evaluating a new casino but it all boils down to your personal needs. For more help, you can use as a guide.

Watch out for William Nylander in NHL 2019

William Nylander had a tough end of 2018 but we are thinking that him and his team Toronto Maple Leafs will have a good chance to surprise us in 2019. As of now, they are in position 4 in the Eastern Conference. Tomorrow they will have a game against Tampa Bay and on Friday they play against Florida. If they win both games it is a big chance that they will be 2nd in the conference. Tampa Bay is, however, a very difficult opponent while Florida should be an easier game. In this post, we like to discuss what Nylander and his team need to do to win.

How can Toronto Maple Leafs win in 2019

William is playing right wing and has only been playing 17 games this game. Many experts say that this young sniper has a lot of talent and should be kept on the team. Sooner or later he will become one of the best in the league. On you can read about Nylander and what the expectations are for 2019. Many casino sites and other places where you can see the odds are seeing a bright future for this young sniper Viking. We think that the best option is to mix up the lines a little and play him with players that are good at passing the puck. Some good players need supporting players to be able to score. Nylander has the extraordinary capability to score which makes him a dangerous weapon against most teams. Continue reading if you like to know how we think you should bet on the next two games against Tampa Bay and Florida.

William Nylander 2019

How to bet on the next games

There are many good online casino sites where you can place your bets. Especially if you are from Europe, UK or Canada the options are more. The US gambling is being deregulated but it certainly takes time. For the game against Florida, we think it will be an easy victory. For the game against Tampa Bay, it is much more difficult to predict. Our suggestion is actually to not play at all on this game. Maybe you can play on the live odds. That will give you a better chance to actually get an advantage against the bank. We think that if you want to make a bet on William Nylander it could be a good idea. We think he will score in both the games. We have seen him during the last couple of games and he looks really fresh and getting more and more time on the ice.

Exciting new game developers for 2019!


We really hope that you are all feeling well and having a nice warm autumn. The new year, 2019, is about to knock on the door and we would like to give you some nice gaming news. The industry of online casino games, and mainly slots, is about to become even bigger. Two new game developers will launch their games in the next year. GiG, Gaming Innovation Group, has started to make slot games that will be integrated on their platform. At the same time, the gaming developer Relax Gaming is launching their first slots.

From what we can see right now, it all looks quite good. Relax first slot is a game with Vikings with nice graphics. What GiG will cook up is so far not to be known. But, they have been around in the business for so long, that we don’t think we need to be worried.

Along with this, all our known game providers have new titles waiting for us. For people playing at new UK online casinos 2019, there are certainly a lot of nice games waiting.

Halloween brings joy, and so are the new slots!

Ttop new casinos 2019 game developershe holidays are fun in a lot of ways. And for online casino lovers, there are even more. This year, we have seen a lot of launches for new slots on the Halloween-theme. NetEnt might have had the biggest one; Halloween Jack. A really good looking one with the scary touch we all expect from a game this season.

A not as famous new title is one from NYX. Polterheist, from the movie Poltergeist, is a more childish themed slot. But still with a big touch of Halloween. A funny, mystical world with ghosts on your reels. Burning pumpkins and a nice setting might make this a favourite among many players.

More news about all the top new casinos in 2019 will come. But for now, we hope you had a great Halloween and that December month will treat you nicely!

Learn how to play Blackjack

Have you been thinking about how blackjack works and wanted to learn? But you only find websites with complicated charts and advanced terminology. On this page, we will teach you the basics of blackjack in an easy to digest manner. Think about it as blackjack for dummies. So let start with saying that we will be teaching the blackjack version that is played online. For example, in some restaurants and countries, they play a bit different. For example that the bank(casino) wins on even. This is not the case online.

how to play blackjack

Basics of Blackjack

The whole idea with blackjack is to get the 21 combined of two cards. T, J, Q, K are worth 10 and Ace is worth either 11 or 1. The rest of the cards are worth its face value. You start by deciding how much you want to bet. Then you get two cards face up. If you get 21 directly, for example, a J and A you win directly and does not need to do anything else. If you get any other number you have to decide if you want to get another card to pass. The decision that you want to make depends on what the dealer has. If the dealer gets more than 21 you automatically win. The thing is that the dealer is not allowed to stop under 17. So for example, if the dealer has 16 it is a good idea to stay at whatever combination you have that risk to become more than 21. This is basically all you need to know. Of course, there are many other things that you can learn when you become more used to playing but for that, we suggest that you look at one of these sites that are much more advanced.

Get a blackjack bonus to start in the best way possible

If you decide that you want to give it a try there are sites where you can play for free without any deposit required. However, if you decide that you want to give it a real try it is most often more fun when you have the chance to win a bit of money. Remember that you are only playing to have fun and do not expect to win anything. But the excitement of playing with real money at least for us really beats playing with fake money. When signing up make sure to get a bonus for blackjack. Some bonuses are only applicable for slots machines and you do not want one of those. Check the bonus terms or chat with the live support to make sure that the bonus is also applicable to table games such as blackjack. At some casinos you can even play Blackjack Tournament, if you want to learn game rules about this more advanced form of blackjack, click here. Hope you have learned how to play blackjack online and hope to see you soon again.

Gambling With Bitcoins

Bitcoin indeed happens to be one of the discussed things across the world in recent times. This was introduced in 2008 by Santoshi Nakamoto and has emerged as peer to peer payment system. This has become very popular in the gambling industry with many online casinos and gambling sites allowing transactions using bitcoins. The fact that it will enable people to undertake anonymous transactions is what has made gambling with bitcoins somewhat famous.

What is bitcoin?

Right now, the definition for bitcoin could be that it is a cryptocurrency, the first decentralised digital currency, without any regulations. It can be exchanged in return for products and services and is a worldwide payment system. It is held as a digital currency in a digital wallet anonymously. These can be purchased through ‘mining’ using bitcoin miner or currency exchanges like Mt. Gox. This crypto and anonymous nature helped the rise of gambling with bitcoins.

Bitcoin trading is also hugely popular just like other commodities that are being traded in the markets. It has been highly volatile, and people can choose to either mint it or buy it and then purchase it.

bitcoin casino 2018

Bitcoins in gambling

Many online casinos like Bit Stars, Bit Casino, 7 Bit Casino and Vegas Casino accept bitcoins. Many of the world-famous Las Vegas casinos also allow gambling with bitcoins. In fact, a few of the online casinos only use bitcoin transactions. These casinos allow the players to bet their bitcoins on casino games, gambling games, sports betting, online lotteries etc.

One great site with excellent new casino sites 2018 guide is They always offer them an up to date guide to all new UK casino sites 2018 with bonus and bonuses.

Most bitcoin casinos use their own in-house developed software to run the games while a few others rent the necessary software. The software takes the role of the table dealer with Poker being one of the most popular games in this. Its digital nature makes it available through the day and night for use. Also, most casinos do not charge any transaction fees on bitcoins.


Bitcoins are not regulated and hence not tracked in that sense. However, every individual who is trading or gambling with the use of bitcoins is liable to declare tax on their income, capital gains etc. just like any other money transaction. Trading in bitcoins attracts the natural risks of trading in commodities as well as the anonymity and regulation issues. Its simple operational method and lack of tracking or regulations have made it a big challenge for most governments. Gambling is many illegal countries and as such, bitcoin casinos are also unlawful.

Reports of Bitcoin transactions being linked to criminal activities are also worrisome outcome to be considered. Its very nature has said to make it easy for money laundering, theft, black marketing etc.

Current state

Bitcoin casinos are being open about the algorithms they use in the games to gain the trust of the players. A bitcoin wallet is associated with a login linked to a physical device and hence hacking it is difficult. Transactions are instantaneous, and most casinos are now also offering mobile versions of their games, making it easy to play.

What is Craps?

Craps dice game is a rich and popular casino game, and today, most physical and online-casinos can offer this popular game. For many, this game can be a new and nice acquaintance. Most people most likely recognize it as the casino-game where players are gathered around a table, hold their breath while another sled away a couple of dice across the table. For those who have never played Craps; the following text will give you an small introduction to the game. In addition to this you will find info on how the game works for odds and the best casinos that offer the game.

Craps and casino

One of the games that today is the strongest associated with dice; is craps. The game is played at most land-based casinos, but with online-casinos it allows us to search online for a game of craps. On the net, many other dice games that were previously unknown have experienced increased popularity.

The games history is thought to extend as long back as the 13th or 13th century England and the then  popular game Hazard. The rules in this game reminds a lot of craps, which means that today there is a historical link. In the course of the following centuries, the game emigrated to France, where it continued to evolve and be refined. The devoted player and politician Bernhard de Mandeville brought the game to New Orleans in 1813. The game was now called Crapaud, soon shortened to Craps. The game’s rules were continually improving to rule out cheating from both the house and the players, and as it became less complicated, craps grew in popularity. Eventually spread the game around the country, managed to survive when gambling a period was illegal, eventually finding its place in casinos around the United States and the world.

Craps table

The craps table layout is a little confusing, but it’s nothing to be scared of. The various playing-fields on the table depict different forms of action, many of which are quite straightforward. Here we will later go through some of the most common main activities, and finally list some so-called “sucker bets” which generally give good dividends but have bad odds. Later in this series we go through the layout of the table to help you understand the game. Each box simply represents a certain bet. Keep in mind that you do not need to be fully aware of how the whole table works to play.

Please tune in next month for the next segment in this series.


Big prizes to win on Yggdrasil-machines!

The late summer’s biggest prize competitions is now in full swing at most casinos; with Yggdrasil slot machines leading the way.  It is a so-called networking campaign and several really good online casinos are connected together. But if we have to choose something to participate in , we prefer the Swedish-based casino Storspelare. In the prize pool you’ll have the possibility to win around 50.000 GBP cut up in 666 (!) different portions.


Three Yggdrasil slot machines

Yggdrasil has chosen three of their one-of-a-kind slot machines and your job is to achieve something specific within each game with as little spins as possible. Which order you choose to complete the assignments doesn’t matter, and you can restart commands many times, but only after 25 game passes. Note that if you start over, this resets all game missions. It’s always your best score that counts; and you’ll simply follow the current score from within games.

Golden Fish Tank

Golden Fish Tank came in February 2016 and is a  truly high quality game, with several cheeky bonus features and a grim free spins round. The mission in the aquarium is to collect 50 free spins symbols.

Sunny Shores

Sunny Shores is probably the one-of-the-kind casino that fits perfectly with Yggdrasil’s competition, whose English name is “Endless Summer”. The game’s driving symbol is a cute little sun that acts like wild (joker). Collect 25 wilds and you have completed the mission in Sunny Shores.

Spiña Colada

Spiña Colada is a slightly different slot machine released at the end of June this year. It has a cool game mechanics where you collect the capsules by unlocking the game’s free spins. These caps are activated randomly and your job is to collect three (3) so-called “feature capsules”. Our experience here, is that this is the easiest of the three assignments presented.

Strategy to win the competition

We would recommend that you start by playing through all three missions once in order to get a feel of what’s going on, but above all, your competition ID is assigned. During the first replay you also take note of how many turns each slot machine’s quest is required. When you are ready to improve your first result, you start in the game that took the most amount of spins the first time.



Playing Casino On Your Mobile Device 2017

Playing casino on the phone is no problem with today’s technology. Playing casino on the way only requires that you have a smartphone and a wireless connection in the form of either 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. Most online casinos offer a mobile-casino with almost the same gaming lineup as in their regular site. Here at Top New Casino we guide you through the jungle of portable casinos. We can sometimes also offer you exclusive free spins and bonus packages!


Easy as Pie on Mobile

Playing casino on your phone is not more complicated than playing on your computer. In fact, it’s almost easier. This is where all important information is gathered on a smaller screen, so only the most necessary information is displayed. To play, you only need a phone with touch screen. Most mobile casinos are compatible with both the Apple and Android operating systems – so you can play casino on your phone and on your tablet. Usually, you do not need to download any special application, even if some casinos actually offer one. Instead, it’s enough to enter the domain name of the respective casino in your mobile browser. Then you will immediately come to the mobile version of the casino you want to play. Most of the time, you can use the same login details as you have for the desktop site.

Great Guides and Tips

If you have no experience playing casino on your phone, you will find great guides on this site. In these guides, we explain in more detail how to proceed when you first try out a mobile casino. And the supply of these is great so you’ll not have any trouble finding suitable sites to play at. Almost all online casinos now also offer a mobile casino,which is more or less demanded in today’s market. Examples of casinos offering casino games on the phone are Vera and John casino, Leo Vegas and Mobilbet.

When casino-bonuses comes around, it’s usually advantageous to try out different types of mobile casinos on the market. Fact is you often get some kind of bonuses at all new casinos, the first time you play on your phone. This is also true if you’ve already taken part in the welcome bonus that you got when creating your account. Other mobile-casinos on the market attract new players with free free spins etc.