Watch out for William Nylander in NHL 2019

William Nylander had a tough end of 2018 but we are thinking that him and his team Toronto Maple Leafs will have a good chance to surprise us in 2019. As of now, they are in position 4 in the Eastern Conference. Tomorrow they will have a game against Tampa Bay and on Friday they play against Florida. If they win both games it is a big chance that they will be 2nd in the conference. Tampa Bay is, however, a very difficult opponent while Florida should be an easier game. In this post, we like to discuss what Nylander and his team need to do to win.

How can Toronto Maple Leafs win in 2019

William is playing right wing and has only been playing 17 games this game. Many experts say that this young sniper has a lot of talent and should be kept on the team. Sooner or later he will become one of the best in the league. On you can read about Nylander and what the expectations are for 2019. Many casino sites and other places where you can see the odds are seeing a bright future for this young sniper Viking. We think that the best option is to mix up the lines a little and play him with players that are good at passing the puck. Some good players need supporting players to be able to score. Nylander has the extraordinary capability to score which makes him a dangerous weapon against most teams. Continue reading if you like to know how we think you should bet on the next two games against Tampa Bay and Florida.

William Nylander 2019

How to bet on the next games

There are many good online casino sites where you can place your bets. Especially if you are from Europe, UK or Canada the options are more. The US gambling is being deregulated but it certainly takes time. For the game against Florida, we think it will be an easy victory. For the game against Tampa Bay, it is much more difficult to predict. Our suggestion is actually to not play at all on this game. Maybe you can play on the live odds. That will give you a better chance to actually get an advantage against the bank. We think that if you want to make a bet on William Nylander it could be a good idea. We think he will score in both the games. We have seen him during the last couple of games and he looks really fresh and getting more and more time on the ice.